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know-how: bonding's technical equipment

Lotus Notes

Continuous knowledge transfer is a must-have for professional work. We are using the database software Lotus Notes to ensure a good quality to our projects. This software allows us to share our knowledge and experience among the eleven local groups in Germany, as well as scheduling and organizing nationwide meetings and projects. All eleven local group are working on the same databases, located on our three national servers. These Notes-servers host the databases and many other applications like the E-mail network and this website. We maintain the servers on our own, as well as our local networks. This allows the students from our helpdesk to administrate a company-like network and become the IT professionals of tomorrow!

Adobe Creative Suite

We are using the Adobe Creative Suite to create the catalogs, posters and flyers for the promotion of our events. This wouldn’t be possible without using a professional software. Automated tools allow us to create catalogs with a volume of over 550 pages in a reasonable amount of time. All the materials are created by ourselves (except printing), whether it be a leaflet for a lecture or a catalogue for the annual job fair. We use the Adobe Software for picture and video editing as well.

Still you don’t have to be a pro to create flyers or to work with our databases. We help each other when we get stuck somewhere, and we deliver a lot of trainings in our con moto program, those will let you improve your knowledge as software user, or as administrator of our local or nationwide network.

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