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FAQ for students

Questions about our events and activities

Q: Are there any costs for participating in our events and activites? A: No, all our events and activites are organized by students, free for students.

Q: Do I need to sign up for the events? A: It depends on the event. For our job fairs and their lectures you do not need to sign up. For events with a limited number of participants you need to apply. If you need to sign up for, it will be posted on the particular website. You can directly sign up there, if neccesary.

Q: Do you keep my information confidential? A: We do not pass on any information to a third party.

Q: How do you choose who will participate in the event? A: If there are more applications than available spots, we will choose the participants by their attached letter of motivation.

Questions about bonding

Q: Is bonding a company? A: No. bonding is a nonprofit, registered association. We are all students ourselves .

Q: Is bonding a fraternity? A: No. We are not a fraternity. We are a nonprofit, registered student association free to join for all students.

Q: Are we paid for our work? A: Of course not. As a member of a nonprofit association we work as volunteers without payment.

Q: If you are not paid for your work, why do you commit your time to bonding? A: Because it is FUN! You can learn a lot, enhance your personal skills and meet many interesting people...

Q: I would like to know more. Where can I get more information about bonding? A: Feel free to look around on our website. If you still have questions, send us an email or stop by at one of our weekly meetings.

Q: I would like to participate, too. Who can I contact for further information? A: Visit us at our weekly meetings. You can engage in our projects from the first minute on.

Questions about our job fairs

Q: Is registration mandatory for your job fairs? A: No, everybody looking for internships, jobs, assignments, their thesis or just contacts to one or more companies, is welcome. Please Note, every company is going to represent themselves on one day only! You only need to sign up for a few events within our Warm-Up-Week, which usually takes place one week before the job fair.

Q: Where can I find job fair catalogues? A: The catalogue of the particular job fair is available at the campus of the respective university and the respective bonding office. More information is also available on the job fair website.

Q: How can I prepare myself for the job fair? A: You are always well prepared with our catalogue. In addition we organize our Warm-Up-Week one week before the mentioned job fair. During the job fair there will be also the possibility to have your application documents checked by professionals.

Q: I just started attending university.What can I get from visiting the job fair? A: A lot! Our job fairs are less of a recruiting event, but rather a contact job fair. During your studies you need to attain many internships, assignments, and a lot more. Therefore, our job fairs give you the opportunity to meet many companies in one place. Where else can you get such a chance?

Q: Who organizes these job fairs? A: The bonding-studenteninitiative e.V (student association). Students like you and I.

Q: Are there any specific employment ads, also for internships and thesis? A: Yes, we have assembled a few ads on our website.

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